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" Dear Renae:
Just a short note to say thank you. I really enjoyed the consultation and it exceeded my expectations. Thanks again and we will certainly be in touch. "
Marie T...

"I love everything you suggested, and appreciate all the hard work you put into this. " Yvonne


I moved the pictures as you suggested, and the house sold within a week. I couldn't believe it ! SZ



Design Harmony and Conscious Design Services

From large corporations, to schools, doctors office, a single family home, recording studio.... everyone deserves beauty and a healthy design !

Rates are listed with each service, plus travel which is additional at $45.00 per hour.

Feng Shui Consultations

I know that there are many, many feng shui books on the market, and one thing I have learned through my own feng shui path of 10 years, is that we don't often "see" ourselves clearly enough to create an unbiased, unfiltered analysis. Feng Shui creates incredible life changes, and this is my life's passion.
Rate: 800.00 On Site Consultation
$599.00 Virtual Consultation

Real Estate Sales:
Home Showcasing/Staging Consultations

Need to sell you home quickly? Your home needs to be in optimal condition, and a home showcasing consult is a great investment for a quick, prosperous sale.
A Showcasing and Feng Shui consultation will give you a tips and adjustments needed to attract potential buyers and create a template for a quick sale. Get the property ready to go. Learn about releasing and attracting.
Rate: 800.00 On Site Consultation
$599.00 Virtual Consultation
With a consultation, you will have all the advice and knowledge to make the shifts...

Additional Staging services are available if your client needs assistance in the actual "Doing" You can hire Renae and her team to come in and Showcase or Stage your home.. Shifting furniture, painting, adjusting window treatments, and adjustments as needed. Furniture rentals are available, but not always needed. Your small investment in your home will eliminate stress and add value to your home. After your initial consultation, I will provide a budget and staging "plan of action"

Visit my pinterest pages for staging before and after photos :

Art Consultations

Artwork creates a monumental impact on us everyday.
We can empower our lives by creating a living vision board through the choices of positive art and symbols in our homes and offices. Artwork is the feng shui cure for the modern world. I am happy to guide the artwork process with you by evaluating your current artwork and working with you to make new choices that will attract what you desire in your life, home, and office.
Corporations spend millions on logos, symbols and artwork, and often set themselves up for problems and failure. I love the power of art .

Rate for Home $800.00 On Site
$599.00 Virtual Consultation Larger Companies
Corporate rates, please contact me to discuss.


Color Consultations

Not sure what color to paint the house? Beauty and design are a big part of it, but correct color choice can add lots more to your life. Spice up the romance with proper bedroom colors, calm down a restless child, bring in the energy of healing and prosperity.
I am happy to coordinate with your design team to bring in the color strategies of feng shui and Conscious Design. Onsite, Remote and distance consults.
Rate: $180.00 per room. $499.00 for whole house palatte. Can be done on-site and virtually

Rate: 800.00 On Site Consultation
$599.00 Virtual Consultation

Landscape-Fengshui Consultations

I have found incredible joy in helping people create an outdoor haven. We all need to be outside more, and creating outdoor "rooms" will help us become more balanced and healthy. This can be simple and affordable with a patio garden, or elaborate and intricate with a tea house or specially built labyrinth. Every aspect is analyzed through feng shui eyes with respect to the individuals needs.

Rate: 699.00 On Site Consultation
$499.00 Virtual Consultation

Space Clearing & Harmonizing

Houses can hold the energy of trauma, sadness, and spirits from the land, former residents, and disharmonious electromagnetic fields. Traditionally, all cultures had a way to rebalance and reset their spaces. I have trained for many years with many different cultures, and I know the power of this work. Selling a home, buying a new home, having bad luck, bad health? Consider space clearing.

Homes : Rate: 800.00 On Site Consultation
$599.00 Virtual Consultation

Corporate rates are by quotation.

9 Star Ki Analysis 9

9 Star Ki, often called Feng Shui Astrology, is an ancient system that gives us insight into our personal dynamics, and how we relate to others. what makes one person so dynamic and animated, and another one so serious? This is a great system for understanding personal relations, your family and your work force.

Analysis is 145.00 includes your 3 numbers , colors and elements. Includes your energy and direction for the year. Couple Analysis is 199.00

Bedroom Consultations

Why so much focus on the bedroom? It's Priceless !

This one room can affect over 90 percent of our energy. It is my passion to guide others to creating loving and empowering bedrooms for adults, and safe, balanced bedrooms for children and teens, even at college. Consultation recommendations include positon, color, clearing, furniture, etc.
Rate: 800.00 On Site Consultation
$599.00 Virtual Consultation

Healing Bedroom Designs for Children

If you are looking for a full design for a bedroom for healing and balancing, contact me for a direct quote. I work closely with a design team that will guide you through the process.

Rate: 800.00 First Visit- On Site Consultation

Corporate -
Feng Shui - Marketing - Harmonizing - Construction

A commercial building impacts a large amount of people and is a large investment. For generations, feng shui in the Asian cultures was an integral part of the commercial building process.
Design Harmony works in a team format to bring the Conscious Design to life to make the building project a success.

Contact me for a quote which will depend on the size of your office, staff, and scope of the project.
Corporate Consultations: First Visit and Initial Consultation begin at $1,500.00 plus travel.

Create successful, prosperous, healing and nurturing environments for employers, employees, patients, clients, residents and students.

It's never too late to bring uplift and new life into your business environment.
We offer an evaluation process, identify strenghs and weaknesses, offer solutions through the use of placement, symbolism, color, artwork, and flow.
We can also provide the workforce, shopping, and job coordination for you to bring these changes to life.


Real Estate Services:

Renae is a licensed real estate referral agent with Keller Williams and can work with you as a consultant to guide your next purchase of land, home, or commerical space.
Feng Shui for Optimal Purchase or Sale
Staging consultations for beneficial sale.

Conscious Design Training and Design Harmony Programs

Twenty years of experience in the fields of Conscious Design including Feng Shui, Color Psychology, Space Clearing & Harmonizing, Art Psychology, Numerology, Green Design, BauBiologie, Sacred Geometry

Programs for the public, as well as training for Architects,
Designers, Builders, Real Estae Agents.
New Jersey Approved CEU Courses.

Please call me at 908 797-5225
Email: Renae@designharmony


Complete List OF SERVICES...

  • Feng Shui Consultations
  • Conscious Redesign Services
  • Real Estate Home Showcasing- Staging
  • Conscious Design® for Business
  • Color Consultations
  • New Home Plan consultations
  • Feng Shui Landscaping consultations
  • Artwork analysis & consultations
  • Children's Rooms
  • Feng Shui for Romance
  • Office Consultations
  • Classes and workshops
  • Speaking & Presentations
  • Feng Shui Conferences
  • Products
  • 9 Star Ki Analysis and Classes
    Contact us about classes and training
  • Conscious Design Science
     Blessing Ceremonies - Space Cleansing

I am proud to recommend and sell some products that I have found valuable in transformation and healing. I have been using essential oils for over 25  years. Each oil is unique and they have become my parners and friends through the years. I have worked with several very fine companies, and I offer these options to my clients.


These wonderful products are a new addition to our Conscious Design family. 
While at the Dowsers convention this summer, we met a wonderful woman Anna and got to experience the high frequency of these oils.    I have used oils for over 30 years,and continue to mesh, mix, and utilize them to support me in my body, mind and spirit. I am currently enjoying the new energy of Doterra with blends such as Cheer, Forgive, Peace,and Elevation and  OnGuard. 

Young Living Essential Oils: my page...   
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