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2018 Chinese & Feng Shui Astrology

Presented by Renae Jensen, FSII

Are you prepared to maximize your goals and dreams for 2018?
 Join us to look at what the Year of the Dog holds for us in the world and in our personal lives.
You will learn the 2018 Feng Shui Cures to tune up your home with color, elements, and symbols. 
Everyone attending will also receive a 2018 guide map with a list of cures, and a Feng Shui
personal overview.
Please preregister with your birthday to have your personal 9 Star Ki profile ready for the class.

Only a few classes left !   Or you can buy the information, see info below.

JAN 31, 2018   7 PM  $25.00   Sparta NJ
Hosted by Sheila Wood, 91 Maple Parkway, Sparta, NJ
Contact Sheila at  973-600-0931

Feb 2, 2018   Friday 7:00 pm   $25.00   Morristown NJ
Christine Altamuro 
9 Crescent Drive Convent Station, NJ 07960
 RSVP -  Christine - caltamuro@gmail.com973-557-5026

FEB 3 Saturday  1 - 4   Sparta NJ
Hosted by Eileen and Leigh Ann
Home Party gathering at :  391 Glen Road, Sparta
$20.00  Contact:   or 973-729-8227

Feb 13, 2018   7 PM  - 8:45 Hope NJ
Hosted by Rosemary DeTrolio –
Hands of Light by Rosemary, LLC , Hope, NJ

125 N Locust Lake Road, Blairstown NJ 07825
Ticket link on Rosemary's page:


CAN'T ATTEND A CLASS?   I can send you the information
Yearly outlook,   9 star ki,  Animal Signs,  Cures for 2018,  Cure Map

Cost:   $25.00  


THANK YOU for Hosting me, and I am excited to share the upcoming dynamics for 2018 !

Other classes may be offered as this is a once a year program and lots to share before the
New Year sets in.  
Contact me if you need more info   908 797-5225

Renae Jensen, FSII, of Design Harmony, is the founder of Conscious Design Magazine  & Institute where she promotes healthy, beautiful and empowering spaces.  A certified Feng Shui & Space Clearing  teacher and professional for over 20 years, she has taught Feng Shui on an international platform, and has enjoyed many television and radio appearances. Renae empowers people with buying and selling their homes as a Real Estate agent through her expertise in Feng Shui and Home Staging . Her professional training in Feng Shui, Reiki, Rose Alchemy, Pranic Healing, Space Clearing, Aromatherapy and metaphysical studies has enabled her to bring ancient wisdom into our modern times. Her vision is to foster, guide, educate and uplift people to attain a level of excellence in their lives.


New Jersey Real Estate Agents  CEU classes
NCJAR Board - Contact your NCJAR Board OFfice to Register
Jan 16 Westfield
Feb 5 Morristown
March 19 Bloomfield



Valuable Feng Shui Principles in Real Estate Today” is a 3 hour CEU class focused on providing real estate professionals core principles in Feng Shui that can affect the marketability of a home and property.   Many buyers and sellers are educated in Feng Shui and want to work with a real estate professional that has knowledge and understanding of important basics.

Upcoming Classes  will be posted Fall 2017
NCJAR Morristown  02-28-2017 10:00 am
NCJAR Bloomfield  03-23-2017 10:00 am
NCJAR Westfield   04-18-2017 10:00 am
Learn the core principles of Feng Shui in Real Estate at NCJAR with Renae Jensen, NJ RE Certified CE Instructor. With over 20 years of teaching Feng Shui, Renae will teach you the fundamentals of Feng Shui and how to increase the marketability of a home and property.  
Feng Shui is over 3,000 years old and has many layers of information and wisdom! This course is designed to simplify and introduce Feng Shui in a way that a real estate professional can understand, utilize and communicate Feng Shui confidently in their business.









Renae Jensen , FSII

Founder of Conscious Design - President of Design Harmony & Green Door Training
Promoting Healthy,Beautiful & Empowering Space

Renae is certified professional Feng Shui consultant and teacher, licensed Real Estate Agent and NJ Certified Real Estate Instructor/ Provider, Teacher Home Stager , Rose Alchemy Therapist, Pranic Healer and Reiki Master. She has been dedicated to making the world a better place in any way that I can offer positive change and empowerment to people.

Her outreach has consisted of hosting International Feng Shui and Conscious Design conferences and the creating the popular Conscious Design Magazine.


Some of her lecture and consultation venues include the NBA ( National Basketball Association), The Lodge at Woodloch, A T & T, Lucent, Morristown Memorial Hospital/Mind-Body Center, and the Flavor & Fragrance Industry. She has appeared on national television and radio including TV 30, Princeton NJ and the Third Eye Network Television, New Hampshire