Sacred Feminine Wisdom

Summer Retreat for Women

‘The Rose Temple’

Wainwright House, New York, USA
3pm June 9th – 5pm June 10th

Coming together in Community… time to nourish, inspire and
empower your Inner Wise Woman and bloom your Inner Rose

As we step fully into this new Era of The Aquarian Age what is your Soul purpose?
What part did you come to play in Humanities Awakening?
The Way of The Rose Retreats align you with your Souls deepest calling…
activating the Aquarian coding carried deep within you through the
whispered message of the Rose

This Rose retreat will offer you time to pause, come back to centre and connect with your inner power… to tap into the infinite stillness within you… to feel replenished and recharged with a wonderful group of supportive women, who like you, have encountered adversity and challenges on their pathway to personal empowerment.

We will be focussing on the foundational Chalice of your Inner Wise Woman… the Sacral chakra, where the Rose of your Womb blooms. A healthy rosy glowing Golden Chalice in the Sacral area ensures you have positive feelings of self esteem and self respect, creative flow, a sense of fun, abundance and financial stability.
Through journaling, movement, breath work, meditation, circle time (and laughter!) you will be illuminating and healing anywhere where your personal radiant Golden Chalice is a leaky colander!.. and from that creating a luscious, leak proof and sustainable container in which your Inner Rose can fully blossom.

Our special time together will also offer an opportunity for you to explore and experience some of the rich practices of the Ancient Sacred Feminine Mystery School’s and to feel the pure power of the Mary lineage and wisdom teachings of The Book of Love… giving you new tools and ways of working with your energy to support you on a day to day basis.

The element connection to the Sacral Chakra is the element of Water and we will be exploring the emotional stories we hold in the Womb Heart and have the opportunity to walk the Labyrinth on site which is a potent and powerful metaphor for the journey within we are taking.

We will finish by breathing these beautiful freshly resourced energies and qualities through your body in a deeply healing meditation to come to rest in your Rosy Gold Heart. You will leave the Retreat with a more grounded sense of an authentically empowered self… able to listen and act on the calling of your Inner Wise Woman with greater ease. To BE the Rose

Sandy Humby is an Energy Alchemist with a lifetime’s immersion in the healing and empowerment path of the Sacred Feminine. She is a Pranic Healer, House Whisperess and author and creator of Rose Alchemy: Rose Oracle for the Heart and the Rose Alchemy Holistic Healing programme. Sandy is a carrier of the Rose codes for the Aquarian Age. She shares her work through personal consultations, seminars and teaching programme in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia and USA.

Sandy Humby


Two choices for this beautiful retreat

Two day retreat - Cost $385.00
Early Bird through May 9 Cost $359.00
Deposit: $50.00 non refundable

Two day Highlights
June 9th 3 pm - June 10th 5 pm
Overnight at Fonrose House at Wainwright
Catered dinner by Wainwright chef
Bonus gifts
Seaside Labyrinth
Circle time

One day only June 10 - Cost $249.00
Early Bird through May 9 Cost $225.00
Deposit: $50.00 non refundable

8:30 - 5 pm
Early morning movement meditation
Seaside Labyrinth
Circle time
Catered lunch

Refreshments and meals included

Overnight Fonrose House - European style

Reserve your place
Deposit: $50.00 non refundable
Early BIrd rates end by May 9th

Contact Renae at
Text or Call 908 797-5225

Bring: Book for Journaling, Shawl, Cushion


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